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Battery Powered Lifting Magnet


Battery Powered Lifting Magnet device using battery power supply, without external power supply, using the most advanced control system, 8 file magnetic control, meet all kinds of occasions, various properties of suspended material handling lifting requirements, applied to no power supply or not convenient access to power.The characteristics of the rechargeable electric permanent magnet has the following characteristics:

1, the electric permanent-magnetic chuck can be controlled separately, the number and arrangement of free combination;

2, infrared remote control, the realization of the remote control;

3, built-in automatic cutting function, prevent battery charged too much;

4, demagnetization interlocking device to prevent lifting process;

The magnetization, 5, and not, when the battery is too low and light alarm;

6, a hood removable, convenient detection of internal components (such as a battery);

7, extensible beams to meet all types of plate lifting handling;

8, a charge can be not less than 1200 times, demagnetization filling operation;

9, 8 gear magnetic force adjustment, energy saving efficiency.

Remark: we can do the OEM for actual conditions.

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