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Company News

    Title Date
   Chinaplas 2017 Exhibition 2017.03.01
   2016, Shanghai Chinaplas Meet Us 2016.03.30
   The process of qian hao magnetic chuck 2015.01.19
   Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck Overview 2013.12.07
   Electro Permanent Magnet Overview 2013.12.06
   Electro-Perm Magnetic Chucks For Heavy Duty Milling Machines 2015.02.09
   Hunan Qianhao Electrical and Mechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd show you... 2014.12.29
   Electric permanent-magnetic chuck in the process of workpiece clamping holding s... 2014.12.16
   Electric permanent-magnetic chuck as efficient welding  clamp save lots of proce... 2014.12.08
   Electric permanent-magnetic chuck is  application on ,iphone6 mobile of foxconn ... 2014.11.19
   Magnetic mold clamping systems designed specifically for the high temperatures o... 2014.11.12
   Magnetic platen systems are catching on with a growing range of injection molder... 2014.11.10
   Used injection molding machine injection molding machine 2014.11.05
   Improve your productivity at every step of your process. 2014.11.05
   Suction lift with lifting magnet scrap 2014.10.29
   Lifting electric permanent magnets in the shipbuilding industry and ocean engine... 2014.10.25
   Electric permanent magnet will have a great industry prospects in the injection ... 2014.10.15
   Injection mould in lock mode when the matters needing attention 2014.10.09
   Electric permanent magnets achieve production mechanization, automation and qual... 2014.09.26
   What is a Magnetic Chuck 2014.09.19
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