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Comparison between Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet and Permanent Lifting Magnet



Comparison Item

Permanent Lifting Magnet

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet


Source of magnetic force

Permanent magnet material NdFeB

Permanent magnet material NdFeB, AlNiCo


Working State: excitation

Magnetic field produced by one kind of permanent magnet material work on the workpiece

Magnetic field produced by two kinds of permanent magnet material work on the workpiece at the same time


Working State: demagnetization

Magnetic field of one kind of permanent magnet material cancel each other out, magnetic field does not work on workpiece

Magnetic field of two kinds of permanent magnet material cancel each other out, magnetic field does not work on workpiece


Magnetic circuit switch mode

Turn the NdFeB magnetic system 90° or 180° to achieve attract and discharge switch

Solenoid coil energized at moment to realize AlNiCo magnetize/demagnetize operation, to realize AlNiCo magnetic field forward and backward.



When the gap is large or plate is too thin, magnetic system is metastable, may cause accident

Work without electricity, power failure or power lines fault will not lose attraction force, absolutely security



For more than one unit combine lifting, magnetic switch synchronism poor if steel plate roughness large

Working force is not affected by any natural and work factors in operation, high reliability


Durability and Maintainability

Moving parts exist, large maintenance amount

Permanent magnetic no attenuation, magnetic module maintenance-free, durable, does not need spare modules, maintenance cost low; controller electrical components has long using life due to short working hours and less working times


Operating Cost

Only magnetic circuit switch needs crane hook moves up and down, low energy consumption, low operating costs

Magnet lifting and handling process without electricity, minimal power consumption, lower operating costs


Ratio of load weight to lifting appliance


Large, at least double than the former



Requires the operator of higher level. Can not discharge in the air.

Low requirement for operator. Can discharge in the air.


One magnetize/demagnetize cycle time

8-12 seconds

2-4 seconds


Ancillary facilities


Need controller and cable reel


One-off investment




Magnetic structure

Elongated pole, deep magnetic field penetration, magnetic force can not be adjusted, easy to lift two thin sheet, but it’s not very safe for the permanent magnet to lift two plates.

Checkerboard pattern poles, moderate magnetic penetration depth, magnetic force can be adjusted, to ensure that each time only one plate be lifted.

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