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Comparison between Rectification Control Equipment With Contact and Non-Contact Control Equipment


Contrast items

Rectification control Equipment with contact

Non-contact AC control equipment

Mode of magnetization and demagnetization

DC contactor

Digital non-contact control


With short circuit protection such as auto air switch and fuse

Besides,with electronic check protection for open phase,overcurrent,overvoltage,overheat and etc.

Electromagnetic chuck temperature rise


Open loop control, absorb  heat fast,


The current closed loop control, absorb heating slowly, can prolong the service life of sucker;


Service workload

Simple power supply, distinct descension of electromagnet's attraction power in hot-state

Constant current source with stability degree<0.5%, constant electromagnet attraction power

Service workload


Min maintenance

Energy consumption

Lifting electromagnet releases stored energy through heat dispersion of resistance with larger energy consumption

The stored energy is inversed to feed back power net

Work efficiency

Discharging time:3~5s,slower

Discharging time:1~2s,quick

Work frequency

With breakable operation of generally 60%

Non-break operation


workload heavy

easy, workload light

Parameter setting

not convenient

Through the computer digital setting. Convenient, accurate;


not good

very good

Service life

Arc serious, noise big, contact melting loss seriously, one hundred thousand times.

No arc, no noise, no mechanical contact, up to one million times.



More than 20% lighter


Larger bulk

Small cubage

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