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EPM Tilting Plate Handling System


• Tilting Electro Permanent Magnets for handling Single plates in either vertical or horizontal position.
• “Inching” feature – drops additional plates making sure that only one plate is handled.
• Supplied along with fixed spreader beam.
• Simple self-tilting mechanism by appropriate positioning on plates lifted. No additional mechanism required.
• Horizontally placed plates can be stacked in vertical position or Vertically stacked plates can be kept in horizontal position by appriopriate placement of the magnets.
• Spreader beam fitted with elastic suspension for EPMs/ control panel/ indicative tower lamp/ Chain & Bull Ring etc.
• Radio Remote Control integrated.


• Unloading from trucks and stacking in vertical position.
• Typically from Vertical storage to a Flame/ laser/ plasma cutting table, etc.
• Can be used with EOT/ Gantry/ Mobile Cranes.

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