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Electric permanent-magnetic chuck as efficient welding clamp save lots of processing line time


  In production and processing enterprises, the fixture is a very important auxiliary equipment. It is quickly and accurately the tool of the workpiece positioning and fixed. Usually we use electricity permanent-magnetic chuck workpiece positioning, supporting and clamping operation, there are tools steering mechanism of integration of the equipment in practical work.
In order to achieve the combination between the parts in the manufacturing process of the welding operation, in order to ensure the size of the weldment, improve the accuracy and efficiency of assembly, to prevent welding distortion when using electric permanent-magnetic chuck as clips, using electric permanent-magnetic chuck as reasonable fixture for production line, can effectively reduce production using time, improve production efficiency.
Above the welding line of the car, is used for welding operation workload only accounts for thirty percent to 40, and sixty percent to sixty percent for auxiliary and clamping of the work. Because of the whole welding process is conducted on electric permanent-magnetic chuck clamp, so during the welding process CLP permanent-magnetic chuck fixture plays a very important role.

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