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Electric permanent-magnetic chuck in the process of workpiece clamping holding strong and easy opera


   Electric permanent-magnetic chuck used in some high precision equipment, such as carved machine using magnetic clamping workpiece. In the process of workpiece processing, electric permanent-magnetic chuck has more advantages, especially in the processing of large and heavy, electric permanent-magnetic chuck powerful clamping technology play an important role, to perfect finish, heavy-duty workpiece precision machining. Compared with other way of clamping, electric permanent-magnetic chuck clamping time is shorter, the clamping the workpiece and the clamping is more safe and reliable, workpiece precision machining performance is better.
   Permanent-magnetic chuck can be according to its processing time requirements, design a variety of magnetic circuit unit, only need to instantaneous current, workpiece can be safe and strong adsorption live, even if suddenly loses power also won't affect the clamping effect, this is a very safe and effective workpiece clamping solution.
   Electric permanent-magnetic chuck magnetic clamping of the clamping way can make artifacts are processed on the surface of the five, don't need to adjust the clamping again. Electric permanent-magnetic chuck of the entire application process is very simple, 0.1 second turning on the power supply can generate more safety and reliable suction, don't need the power supply and working process, even if is a continuous shape workpiece can also strong adsorption.


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