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Electric permanent-magnetic chuck is application on ,iphone6 mobile of foxconn manufacturing automa


  Most of the internal structure of iphone6 mobile  manufacturing was done by foxconn group. As iphone6 incoming tide, revealed a iphone6 sell kidney wind, various rushed to buy too much, the internal structure of iphone6 is very important. Iphone6 quality is very good, manufacturing difficulty is very big also, together with a short period of time is the great amount of required delivery, foxconn's rights promotion not only in the automation equipment, robot, high precision machine tools are also poured in metal processing. Gou said, tooling is the mother of industry, industrial engineering is the father of the industry, as an apple mobile phone foundry company, foxconn, deal or no deal on buying machine, not only in machine tool accessory electrical ing on the permanent magnetic chuck is also required.
Hunan qian hao machinery as the leading brand electric permanent magnet, permanent magnetic chuck is used for electricity in the iphone apple mobile phone manufacturing fixed artifacts, realize high precision processing, ensure the quality and accuracy of apple mobile phone, enable foxconn apple bulk orders, promote foxconn also become a manufacturing giant. Below for qian hao machinery research and development production of hunan mobile processing automation electric permanent-magnetic chuck, etc.


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