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Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Milling


The electro-permanent magnetic chuck is a magnetic device which use electrical pulses to achieve magnetic circuit "close". Working process does not need electric, clamp workpiece by permanent magnetic power. Magnetic force up to 16Kg/cm2, strong and constant, no attenuation, safe and reliable; easy to use, with waterproof quick connector, can quickly achieve plug, no moving parts inside, durable, maintenance free, practical.

What is electro permanent magnetic chuck?

It is widely used in lathe, milling machine, boring machine, grinding machine,Mobile phone chuck, turnout processing etc., using the overall processing, the inside without moving parts, with high strength and high rigidity, can meet all kinds of  machine stroke and various types parts of high-precision processing, strong and perfect suction, the maximum  magnetic force up to 16kgf/cm2.

Compared with the traditional clamp, the permanent magnet chuck eliminates the need of screw, platen and other fixture,  the workpiece is easy to install, to achieve a clamping 5-sided processing,rapid batch processing improve production  efficiency. With the use of elastic magnetic block,deformation of the workpiece can easily grasp the processing, and the  adsorption force is uniform, will not make the workpiece stress deformation.

Advantage of electro permanent magnetic chuck :

1. Strong magnetic force, high precision machining

Table maximum suction 13-16kg / cm ², is about 2 times the ordinary magnetic sucker to ensure that the workpiece fixture will not be a clear shift, due to the processing process does not require power supply, so this product does not exist thermal deformation, effectively guarantee The processing accuracy.

2. Strong security, energy saving and environmental protection

Machining center sucker in the course of the work does not require electricity, rely on permanent magnet suction suction workpieces, to avoid the electromagnetic system in the sudden power failure and damage to the magnetic loss of the workpiece and the risk of falling off the workpiece. As the permanent magnet sucker only in the magnetization and demagnetization process within 1-2 seconds of the use of electricity, work without the use of any energy and produce safe, strong and efficient force, both economic and environmentally friendly.

This new type of CNC machining center disk in the instant power after the permanent magnet can be hardened workpiece positioning processing, the application of reverse current, you can demolish the workpiece removed, safe and energy saving, easy to operate, no temperature rise and change, processing accuracy high.

Electric permanent magnet fixture, also known as electronic control permanent magnet sucker, placed in the magnetism between the irreversible magnets and the following reversible magnets and sets of reversible magnets outside the electromagnetic coil, shell composition. By changing the current direction of the electromagnetic coil to achieve the closure of the magnetic circuit to achieve the purpose of holding or unloading the workpiece. A new generation of permanent magnet fixture with a strong suction, single-sided multi-faceted processing, safe without electricity, no temperature rise, no thermal deformation, high precision and simple operation and so on.

working principle:

The working principle of the permanent magnet fixture is to use the characteristics of different permanent magnet materials, through the electronic control system on the internal magnetic circuit distribution control and conversion, so that the system internal magnetic field to achieve their own balance, or degaussing state, or release to the fixture Surface, that is, magnetic state.


Electric permanent magnet fixture can be used for steel materials, cutting, grinding, milling and other processing of the clamping, switching state close to the power button, there is no magnetic field off, the suction will always have magnetic, and magnetic force does not take time Attenuation, even if the power or drag cable damage is not affected, it is known as safety fixture.


1. Strong support. In theory, the unit of permanent magnet fixture clamping force of 150KN, far greater than the cutting force, even the uneven surface of the fur, but also safe to suck, even if the milling quality of 52HRC hardened hardened workpiece, the same can normal work.

2. No remanence, magnetic flux leakage phenomenon. Electromagnetic permanent magnet fixture in the suction clamping process, but there is magnetic force on the surface of the fixture, the other surface does not exist magnetic flux leakage phenomenon, not only the tool without any effect, and remove the workpiece, the fixture and the workpiece will not exist remanence , Because the system has an internal electromechanical demagnetization device, the workpiece and fixture can be automatically demagnetized.

3. easy to use. The advantage of the permanent magnet fixture is that the workpiece positioning and clamping is very convenient, do not need cumbersome and strenuous manpower operation. At the same time, because the suction force is only in the bottom of the workpiece, the workpiece does not need to use the clamping plate clamping, to avoid the clamping force caused by the workpiece deformation and scratches. The permanent magnet fixture can realize the automatic adjustment of the workpiece. At the same time, it can realize the machine tool without vibration cutting, grinding, milling and so on, which can prolong the service life of the machine.


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