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Electro Permanent lifting magnet for Hot Steel Roll Coil


Qianhao Electro Permanent lifting magnet for Hot Steel Roll Coil,this equipment is design and manufacturing by Qianhao MAG,it is use to be lifting 8tons weight steel roll coil,the lifting way is vertical lifting,it is with large magnetic permeability depth,strong anti-air gap ability,will not damage the steel strip coil,no interfere with other coils,support different diamter steel coils.

Electro Permanent Magnet for Steel Roll Coil

1.Brief Introduction about Electro Permanent Magnet

      Electro permanent magnet technology isvia electricity to control the magnetic field lines of the permanent magnet material,  which expressas with magnetic force(magnetized state) or non-magneticforce(demagnetized state). It is an innovative  application technology that can attract or release material independently.
    Magnetized state: Electromagnetic coil with instantaneous excitation current, which control the magnetic field state switching  of reversible magnetic material, so that the magnetic field covering the surface of the magnetic poles and bring strong adsorption  force. As the magnetic field form a closed loop,no magnetic loss, work with no heat, no noise, no energy consumption features(as  shown inFigure 1.1)
     Demagnetized state:in the magnetized state, the electromagnetic coil once again instantaneous excitation current, the built-  in circuit to change the reversible magnetic field, so that the magnetic field converged inside the permanent magnet, and the  magnetic pole surface no longer have magnetic field, the material is released

①—Permanent tombarthite alnico                                                                                                           ②—Reversible tombarthite alnico, N/S polarity controllable.
③—Electromagnetic coil, power-controlled Polarity of Reversible Magnet                                        ④—Magnetic pole, magnetized state direct contact and adsorb the material                                                                                                                                                                            ⑤—Electric permanent magnet, composed of magnet, coil, and magnetic pole as assembly
⑥—Magnetic induction line, simulate the magnetic field curve                                                              ⑦—Adsorbed material

    Electro Permanent Lifting magnet system is very safe, as it is not affected by power loss, no UPS battery  auxiliary system. High energy from permanent magnetic materials provide lasting suction, always ensure the safety  of materials and to ensure material only can be demagnetized when it is landing, provide the highest level of security  to end users.

Advantages of Electro Permanent lifting Magnet

  • Economical,Energy saving, Environment protection

Electric permanent magnet system only use electricity at the moment of magnetic charging and demagnetization, no need power  during working process, no temperature rise, save electricity power more than 95% compared with electromagnet, big reduction of  using cost.
Both lifting permanent magnet and control system weights are light, can reduce the lifting equipment load,improve lifting weight.

  • High  security

Electronic control operation only have charge, demagnetization buttons, easy to operate, only use 0.1-1s for magnetization and  demagnetization, improved the operation efficiency. There is no wearing parts inside the permanent magnet system, no hydraulic oil,  compressed air etc., no specific maintenance, only need to ensure that the surface clean, reliable and durable, no maintenance, and  practical.
After demagnetization, the surface remaining magnetic force is almost 0,even if the small magnetic particles will not adsorb on the  surface of the magnetic pole, the adsorptive will not scratch, will not cause remnants for the adsorptive.

  • Unique, Flexible Product Design

The internal of lifting permanent magnet adopt unique modular design,dual magnetic source technology, a unique product  manufacturing process, unique internal structure.

  •  Perfect function

The electronic control box function is complete, easy to control,support button control, long-distance control or remote control  magnetization and demagnetization. Also with functions of dual magnetization cycle, magnetic switch, magnetization saturation  detection, safety buttons and other protection and detection functions.

The comparison of Electromagnet and Electro Permanent Magnet :

Lifting product include :

Steel Plate,Steel Bar,Steel Pipe,Thick Plate and Slab,Steel Billet,Section Steel,Steel Rail,Hot Roll Coil etc...

Lifting Way : Vertical lifting,Horizontal lifting,Single piece lifting,Bunch of lifting etc...


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