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Electro-Perm Magnetic Chucks For Heavy Duty Milling Machines


"QIANHAO" introduces Electro-perm Magnetic Chucks for heavy duty milling machine. These chucks ensure high magnetic and mechanical performance. This chuck is "COLD" device, as no internal wear or deformation resulting from moving internal parts.

Electro-perm Magnetic Chucks do not consume electrical power except for the very short period of activation or deactivation of the working surface. Once fixed to the machine table EPM chucks are as stable as machine.
EPM chucks are economical for operation and maintenance. Magnetic
clamping system is most powerful. Chucks are switched ON & OFF by simple electrical pulse. A variable output from 20% to 100 % is controlled from push button unit.

In operating condition no power supply is necessary for holding work pieces. So no risk when power fails.

The de-magnetization cycle of chuck eliminates possible residual magnetism in work piece, therefore easy release for high alloy steel parts. EPM chuck is designed for heavy-duty operation such as milling cut of 3 to 6 mm depth at recommended speed & feed.

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