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The reason of failure for internal motor electricalmagnetic chuck


Magnet chuck work crew motor failure, one reason may be because the electrical on the other hand may be due to non-electrical causes. 

 For reasons magnechuck motor electrical aspects can be roughly divided into the following situations:

1 magnent chuck the supply voltage is too low or too high;

2 magnent chuck run in two-phase motor;

3 exist or magnet chuck phase short circuit between the electronic winding turns;

4 magnechuck line winding through or insulation resistance drops.

 The reasons for non-electrical aspects magnechuck the following situations:

1 magnet chuck work load is too large;

2 magnet chuck duct blockage or fan motor damage;

3 magnet chuck work environment is too high.

For all the faults magnet chuck appear, we make a detailed failure analysis, timely solutions, when the electromagnetic chuck motor temperature is too high, you should take urgent action to cool to ensure the safe and stable operation of the electromagnetic chuck.

 Hunan one thousand Hao Electrical undertake domestic and foreign brands, specifications electromagnetic sucker, sucker electrical repair and maintenance of permanent magnet.

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