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Electro Permanent Magnet Overview


Electro Permanent Magnet is a magnetic handling clamping system, which magnetic attraction force generated by permanent magnet material and controlled by electric.


The magnetic force comes from its internal two high-energy magnetic circuit consisting materials: NdFeB magnet, Alnico magnet. Magnetic circuit inside the electro permanent magnet converted by electric controlled. External characterization magnetic (magnetizing state) or non-magnetic (demagnetizing state), to achieve the load adsorption and release. As shown below:

Figure 1.1 Demagnetization state (magnetic line loop is formed inside the electro permanent magnet)


To provide instantaneous(less than 0.3 seconds) electricity for electro permanent magnet, magnetic circuit convert:

Figure 1.2 Magnetization state (Magnetic line loop formed through the external material to generate magnetic attraction force)


Magnetic attraction provided by the high-energy permanent magnet steel. When electro permanent magnet into the magnetization state, attraction force does not influenced by environmental factors except high temperature. Outage does not affect the attraction force. Unique design of the magnetic circuit, through numerous magnet steel gap gridding, make magnetic line flow in the horizontal plane area to form a loop and then generate big attraction force. Only when magnetic circuit convert inject instantaneous electricity, no longer need electricity in working process, magnetic circuit convert time quick. Demagnetized state, the magnetic line form loop inside, working face and workpiece remanence very low.


Compared with other magnetic equipment, electro permanent magnet has the feature of security, stability and energy-saving.


Electro Permanent Magnet can generate maximum 16kg/cm2 lifting force to carbon steel and other ferromagnetic materials at 0 air gap, meanwhile, the magnet attraction force on materials is proportional to effective attraction area (Figure 1.3), is inversely proportional to air gap (Figure 1.4), when there is air gap in the environment, attraction force is proportional to attraction area and magnet thickness.

Figure 1.3

Figure 1.4


Electro Permanent Magnet needs electricity only when magnetic circuit convert, when magnetic circuit convert normal operation frequency, magnet does not require special consideration of coil heating affect the magnet. In the high switching frequency, the magnet needs to be designed according to the actual use frequency.

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