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Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck Overview


Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck clamp and fixe workpieces by attraction force, widely used in machining and welding applications.


By magnetic clamping can make workpieces positioned on the chuck surface, can be used as mechanical reference, also can be as clamping area. Magnetic force evenly distributed on the attraction surface, the workpiece without clamping deformation, maintain fully open state, five-sided machining can be completed in one time clamping. Processing capability can be best performed due to without any obstacle and constraint. Machining process no vibration, but cutting output increase, tool life extend, roughness and accuracy is improved.


Magnetic chuck clamping workpieces has two state, directly clamping (Figure 2.1) and indirectly clamping (Figure 2.2). Directly clamping: workpiece contact with the chuck, clamping workpiece by chuck attraction force.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.2


Indirectly clamping usually used for processing non-magnetic workpiece (glass, plastic, aluminum, etc.), clamping workpiece fixed on chuck by attraction force of chuck to pressure plate, now the frictional force (or side thrust) between workpiece and chuck plays the leading role. The cutting force to workpiece is not greater than side thrust. Under this condition, according to practically processing technology, can add other assistant locating fixed mode. If the top surface of workpiece need to be processed, can hollow out pressure plate in a suitable location, reserved the tool path space.


The chuck controller can be linked with CNC machine.


In the workpiece process, can eliminate machining stress of the workpiece by the simple way of demagnetizing and immediately magnetizing.


Schematic drawings of various processing applications:

Some Cases:

Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Milling (Unit area attraction force maximum 16kg/cm²)

Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Rail Switch Processing (Unit area maximum attraction force 16kg/cm², applied to a joint venture, main products exported to foreign high-speed rail)

CNC Jig Small Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck (Under circumstances of air gap 1mm, maximum attraction force is greater than 200kg, side thrust is greater than 30kg, mainly used in the indirect clamping processing of electronic products) Dimensions: 140 × 100 × 60

CNC Jig Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck (Under circumstances of air gap 1mm, attraction force greater than 200kg, side thrust greater than 30kg) Dimensions: 260 × 180 × 40

CNC Jig Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck (Under circumstances of air gap 2.5mm, attraction force up to 80kg, side thrust 10kg) Dimensions: 130 × 60 × 50

Tiny Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck (Attraction force 150N, Dimensions: 35 × 60 × 42)

The first generation of electro permanent magnetic chuck, the control mode is different from the normal (second-generation) electro permanent magnet, chuck with magnetism when not energized, while demagnetizing when energized. Attraction force is determined by design, not adjustable. This type of design attraction force 10-150kg adjustable. Dimensions: 185 × 65 × 52/72

Glass Workpiece Clamping

Arc Type Chuck (for round or arc workpiece clamping on automation equipment, attraction force is greater than 900kg)

Magnetic clamping system for plastic molding, Less cost, save the changed molding time, more efficient. your best choice!

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