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Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Injection Molding Machine


   Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Injection Molding Machine, is used for injection molding machine quick mold change, is a new type magnetic chuck which use electric pulse on and off the magnetism. Using different characteristics of different permanent magnetic materials to design best magnetic circuit, through electric control system to control and convert internal magnetic circuit distribution, make the magnetic field self balance inside the system. External performance is demagnetized relax state; or released to the chuck work surface, external performance is magnetized clamping state.


   By using electro permanent magnet quick mold change system, the backplane of the injection molding machine can expand the scope of application without the limitation of traditional clamping, improved the using ability of injection molding machine to some extent. Can change mold quickly to variety of different molds on an injection molding machine, particularly suitable for mixed production of multi-product, small batch and just-in-time.


   Faster and greater return on investment: Use electro permanent magnet quick mold change system, smaller injection molding machine can be applied to larger and more complex molds at higher production speed, in order to achieve faster and larger return on investment with smaller upfront investment and few operating cost. The system with competitive price, meanwhile make injection molding machine production capacity greatly improved, use just a few months can see the obvious added value investment.


   Installation light and fast: only by bolts magnetic chuck template fixed in the injection molding machine backboard screw holes or T-slot without any adjustment, so that quickly and easily installed the electro permanent magnet quick mold change system on the injection molding machine.


   Ensure the whole machine durable: Electro Permanent Magnet Quick Mold Change System prevent any damage to the back of injection molding machine; do not need to modify the screw holes, also do not need to modify the surface; injection molding machine and magnetic template preserve lasting; clamping force of magnetic chuck template evenly distributed on the entire contact surface of the mold and the chuck, make the back of mold with no stressed “cavity”, better ensured the accuracy of mold, greatly reduced the losses and improved the life of mold. Reduce production inventory, reduce waste of materials, the process of injection molding machine manufacture products using electro permanent magnet quick mold change system can achieve JUST IN TIME (real-time production) mode, make inventories remain at a low level, thereby reducing warehousing and transportation costs to reach time optimization. Mold quick change improves the production capacity of injection molding machine, and because maintaining the temperature inside the injection molding machine to reduce waste produced, maintenance cost is almost zero. No additional costs associated with screw nut, pressing plate, special tools, oil discharge etc. Do not require maintenance to injection molding machine template and electro permanent magnet quick mold change system magnetic template. Only in seconds of change mold need electricity to operate electro permanent magnet quick mold change system, other times without energy consumption.


   Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck on the injection molding machine used for quick die change and die clamp system, can greatly improve the efficiency of mold change, general injection molding machine change and clamp mold operation only need few minutes. Particularly suitable for mixed production of multi-product, small batch and just-in-time. Clamping force evenly distributed in the entire contact surface of mold and chuck within 20mm, make the mold stressless deformation, better ensured the precision of compound die, greatly improved quality conformity of injection molded parts, reduced the die loss and prolonged the service life. Can guarantee normal work with any weight of mold on any tonnage of injection molding machine.


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