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Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Rail Switch Milling


At present, domestic vigorously building rail projects, rail switch demand is rising sharply. Our company can design and manufacture electro permanent magnetic chuck specially for rail switch processing according to user requirement. According to customer requirements, multiple chuck combinations on various tracks for processing, professional control system, all chucks can be unified or partitioned magnetize/demagnetize controlled by console button. Put the track underside on the pole face of chuck, track side face positioned against the side poles of chuck, press magnetize button to fix track, and then prcessed on the track.

The electro permanent magnetic chuck designed by our company has great combination magnetic force, fully meet the demand of large torque and heavy cutting when turnout machining. Chuck structure simple and compact, easy installation, safety factor high. Currently the turnout specially used electro permanent magnetic chuck designed by our company has two kinds of adsorption types on track, QHEPMD1 adopt type 1, QHEPMD2 adopt type 2.





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