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Electro Permanent Magnetic Plate Handling System


EPM Fixed Spreader Beam

• EPMs suspended from fixed length spreader beam so that the maximum range of plates are covered.
• Optimise the available work area by elimination of dunnage.
• Electronic control panel along with standby PCB card.
• Double Mag Cycle - this ensures the safe lifting of the load.
• Power Control – Magnetic Power can be varied in 4 steps
• Magnets can be selectively switched according to the length of the plate being handled.
- Smaller Plates – Only internal magnets are switched ON.
- Larger Plates – All the magnets are switched ON.
• Safety Interlock Key – to Magnetize/ Demagnetize 2 buttons are to be pressed simultaneously. This eliminates the chance of accidental operation of the magnet.
• “Inching” feature –When the magnet is switched ON, it might lift more than a single plate. Inching is a feature, which when invoked reduces the magnetic power slowly such that additional plates, if lifted, are dropped. This is used to make sure that only one plate is handled at a time.
• ADPREM – Accidental Demagnetization PREvention Mechanism. Disable the demagnetization cycle when carrying load.
• Lamp Block – Displays the systems present state.
• Chain and Hanging Arrangement – made of grade 80 high strength steel along with bull ring.


Optional Units
• Radio Remote Control – Operates from a convenient distance all the functions i.e, MAG/DEMAG/Inching/ Telescopic Contraction and Expansion (if provided).


• For loading/ unloading plates from Railway Wagons/ trucks.
• For storing in Plate yards.
• For feeding plates onto a flame/ plasma cutting machine
table, one at a time.
• Can be used with EOT/ Gantry/ Mobile Cranes etc.

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