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General Requirements of EPMs


1. Electro Permanent Magnets should be made from high quality rare earth magnetic material to give best magnetic properties when energised.


2. Complete circuit diagram shall be furnished along with the literature.


3. EPMs should work on 220 Volts AC, however supply to the control panel will be 415 Volts AC, 3 phase, 3 wire, 50 Hz. Hence a suitable Transformer should be put in the panel.


4. Control Panel should have MCCB & suitable Isolation Transformer etc. One no. of spare control PCB to be mounted in the panel itself.


5. The Magnetisation /Demagnetization through thyristor shall be done using Solid State digital control circuit. Further direct line charging for MAG/DEMAG to be used.


6. Proper interlocks / indicators are to be incorporated into the circuit and should be integrated with system operation so as to ensure that the crane will not lift the plate until all the magnets are actuated and the plate securely clamped by the system.


7. RRC for the system to be provided as optional.


8. Suitable for working in open Gantry

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