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electric permanent magnet spreader can lift less thin 3mm plate


 For under 6 mm thickness of steel plate lifting occasion offer sheet special electric permanent magnet lifting sling, this series electric permanent magnet spreader according to sheet or first adsorption for sheet workpiece lifting safety requirements.

Sheet for 3 mm steel plate lifting electric permanent magnet spreader suction can be up to 12 kg/cm squared, lifting the laminated steel sheet when never sticky even a second, couplet hanging, reasonable layout and suspension method to control the deflection deformation of sheet.

The characteristics of the lifting electric permanent magnet spreader plate:

1, permanent magnet system, electric control;

2, all of a sudden power failure, no loss of lifting force;

3, which can realize rapid filling, demagnetization, matrix arrangement of suction cups can be individually controlled;

4, filling, demagnetization and mechanical interlocking, lifting the demagnetization, avoid the wrong operation cause safety accidents;

5, for remote control operation, easy and convenient.


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