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Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Milling or Boring
The electro-permanent magnetic chuck is a magnetic device which use electrical pulses to achieve magnetic circuit "close". Working process does not need electric, clamp workpiece by permanent magnetic power. Magnetic force up to 16Kg/cm2, strong and constant, no attenuation, safe and reliable; easy ...
Double side magnet technology 37mm cellular magnetic platen on injection machine
Double side magnet technology 37mm cellular magnetic platen on injection machine,all steel surface,waterproof,oil proof,improve the overall performance of the plate.Double side magnet,mold,magnetic board and backboard are perfect attached together,higher rigidity and reliability.37mm thickness for maximum retention of opening stroke.
Magnetic clamping system for plastic molding
Magnetic clamping system for Injection Molding Machine, is used for injection molding machine quick mold change, is a new type magnetic chuck which use electric pulse on and off the magnetism. Using different characteristics of different permanent magnetic materials to design best magnetic circuit, ...
Electro permanent magnet chuck for Iphone6 mobile of FOXCONN
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Grinding
QHMAG electro permanent magnetic chuck is widely used in lathe, milling machine, boring machine, grinding machine,Mobile phone chuck, turnout processing etc., using the overall processing, the inside without moving parts, with high strength and high rigidity, can meet all kinds of machine stroke an...
Honeycomb Magnetic clamping plate for Two-color injection machine
Electro Permanent quick mold change system for two color injection molding machine.Dedicated to two-color injection molding machine.with 4-zone independent control system and intelligent LCD screen operating system,display status and functions are easy to understand and operate.Magnetic plate is cel...
Electro Permanent lifting magnet for Steel Plate
This equipment is design and produced by Qianhao MAG,The rated weight is 8tons,it is use to be lifting steel plate by side lifting,single sheet is turning and titled lifting and ponsitioning,side steel plate can be 0-90°flip,Via chain connection,steel sheet can be lifting horizontal,it it very fate,no damage to steel plate and workers.
Electro Permanent lifting magnet for Hot Steel Roll Coil
Qianhao Electro Permanent lifting magnet for Hot Steel Roll Coil,this equipment is design and manufacturing by Qianhao MAG,it is use to be lifting 8tons weight steel roll coil,the lifting way is vertical lifting,it is with large magnetic permeability depth,strong anti-air gap ability,will not damage the steel strip coil,no interfere with other coils,support different diamter steel coils.
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