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Contactless Magnetic Power Security Control Cabinet


Series QHWK2 electric control equipment is the contactless blackout magnetic rectification control equipment which provides DC power for lifting electromagnet. Mainly used for hoisting coil, steel plate, steel billet, steel ingot, scrap steel, steel slag and spare part materials. Series QHWK2 electric control equipment adopts contactless control technology, implement of electromagnet excitation, demagnetization control without contact, and a blackout magnetic function; it can sample current flow, control of the current output, make sure the power of electromagnet (magnetic force) is not affected by temperature. Standby power cut by DC contactor, action time is short, high safety coefficient.

Series QHWK2 Non-contact Magnetic Power Security Controller

QHWK2 contactless control cabinet is the four quadrant without circulation controller. When in suction, the system works in the first quadrant, output positive excitation current. When in discharge function, working first in the second quadrant, the electromagnetic sucker stores energy feeding to the power network. Then in the third quadrant, the output reverses degaussing electric current, eliminating the remaining electromagnetic, leaving the absorbed material being completely put down. The final work in the fourth quadrant, reverse degaussing process electromagnetic sucker stored energy feedback to the power network.

Main technical data






Input AC voltage


Phase No.


Output DC voltage


Rated output power





Backup time

10min, 20min, 30min


1. Due to technical progress, this model may be updated without notice.

2. Other power can be customized according to user requirements


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