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Lifting Electromagnet Series MW22,MW32,MW42 for Billet, Girder Billet and Slab
The most widely used series whose shape is rectangle especially suitable for lifting and transporting billet , steel ingot, bloom, etc., and round , profiled steel as well. Different magnetic circuits are designed for different steels.
Round Type EP Magnetic Chuck
This series of electro-permanent magnetic chuck specialized for small lathe. Particularly suitable for clamping small chuck magnetic workpiece. Adopt modular design, with advantages of strong magnetic force, easy clamping etc. Pre-magnetizing function can facilitate to achieve the initial positionin...
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW18,MW38 for Bundled Bar
This series which adopts "┍┑"type of magnetic circuit and double wrapping has good advantages in heat dispersion, penetration,(for example it can penetrate air gap through multiple layers) and can lift and transport bar material, flat iron and angle iron in unpacked or simple packed situation. There...
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW19 for Wire Coils
This series, owing to light self-weight, reasonable structure (just contact with two points of the bar) is is suitable for coiled bar, and has replaced former series MW22-□54, which are not recommend by us now. However we still list main data for these two series for your reference. Its magnetic ...
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Rail Switch Milling
At present, domestic vigorously building rail projects, rail switch demand is rising sharply. Our company can design and manufacture electro permanent magnetic chuck specially for rail switch processing according to user requirement. According to customer requirements, multiple chuck combinatio...
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW17,MW27,MW37 for Heavy Rail
This series is specially used for lifting and transporting heavy rail. As the heavy rail has become super-long and super heavy today with the rapid development of railway construction, we took note at some important heavy rail projects in order to provide ideal product for users. The products have b...
EPM quick mold change system for Injection Molding Machine
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Injection Molding Machine, is used for injection molding machine quick mold change, is a new type magnetic chuck which use electric pulse on and off the magnetism. Using different characteristics of different permanent magnetic materials to design best magnetic c...
Lifting Electromagnet Series MW16,MW26,MW36,MW96 for Coiled Steel
This series is used for coiled steel and has three kinds: vertical type, horizontal type and general type which can lift material both vertically and horizontally. High temperature type can be used at anneal process and can lift material vertically or horizontally at high temperature range from 100°...
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