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Lifting Electromagnet Series MW03 for Thick Plate
Owing to big magneto conductivity, this products have lightselt-weight and powerful attraction force and can be used for large steel ingot, co-casting slab caster, thick steel plate. to avoid tilting caused by off-center, when to lift a slab caster more than 6m, we advice you to use combination of two units.
Contactless Magnetism Regulating & Sustaining Control Cabinet
Series QHWK3 Non-contact Magnetism Regulating & Sustaining Controllern This series which adopts non-contact control technology to realize the non-contact control for excitation and demagnetzation of the electromagnet has the function of sustaining magnetism power-cut. If the electricity fails, the s...
Contactless Magnetic Power Security Control Cabinet
Series QHWK2 electric control equipment is the contactless blackout magnetic rectification control equipment which provides DC power for lifting electromagnet. Mainly used for hoisting coil, steel plate, steel billet, steel ingot, scrap steel, steel slag and spare part materials. Series QHWK2 ele...
Gas Hose Reel
Gas hose reel which adopts specially designed rotating joint has solved the sealing problem between the moving parts and the unmoving parts. It is suitable for moving and rotating transportation of all kinds of gas, featuring reliable and safe. The structure is mainly overhanging with many driving modes like spring, torque, and etc. The number of the coiling hose from 1 to 4.
Signal Cable Reel (Conductive Slipring)
The signal cable reel is designed for winding or unwinding the signal cable which transfers low electrical signal, such as the signal cable connecting the tensile and compression sensor. When the testing equipment is moving, the coiler will intelligently trace it and coil up or spool off the cable, ...
Spring Type Cable Reel
Spring type cable reel series JT is a kind of automatic cable reel driven by the spiral spring, which adopts the imported international universal technology of spiral power spring exploiting energy by itself, featuring simple power-supply, safety and reliability in operation and correct stress on th...
Motorized Cable Reel
Motorized cable reel which is used for large size and long distance cable, which can be in synchronous operation with the mobile electric apparatus to coil up or spool off the cable. In view of its drive modes, there are torque motor type, long term locked torque motor type, hydraulic coupling type,...
Series YX1 Permanent Magnetic Lifter
YX1 series permanent magnetic lifter is a special magnetic system which composed by strong magnetic NdFeB materials. It controls the magnetic circuit switch by rotation of the handle. Advantages: Without excitation power, small size, light weight, strong holding force, easy to operate, safe to use, magnetism long lasting.
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