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Quick Mold Change System


Magnetic plate adopt the whole steel plate processed on dedicated CNC, structure more compact, more rigid, more firm.


Magnetic plate internal adopt imported epoxy resin with high temperature resistance and dynamic impedance performance to seal magnetic coil and magnet, the height of seal slightly lower than magnetic pole surface to avoid overheating, air gap produced between mold and magnetic plate.


Magnetic plate drilled with fixed hole used to install and movable mold, equiped with locating ring to quick positioning mold.


The terminal box of magnetic plate installed in the internal, to avoid damage, and has the features of waterproof and high impedance.


Rectangular steel plate extend to a large area around magnetic poles, can increase the contact area between magnetic plate and mold, make the mold fix more stable.


Inductive Switch

In the neutral zone of magnetic plate installed a inductive switch, used to check the contact status of mold, to ensure injection molding machine and punching machine normal operation and ensure the safety of operator.


Electronic Control Unit

Electronic control unit designed according to the latest international standard. It has flexible good interface, applicable to any injection molding machine and punch press, is the perfect expression of high technology. All the control and operating function can realize remote control. Mold installation person can safely stand outside of injection molding machine and punch press to do all the operation of mold installation.


3-Level Safety Device

It must go through 3-level safety protection device to start the operating system.


Electromagnetic Sensor

Electromagnetic sensor through some poles to check the saturation magnetic induction, if check normal, injection molding machine and punch press can work.


Standard Configuration

Electromagnetic sensor through some poles to check the saturation magnetic induction, if check normal, injection molding machine and punch press can work. With centering ring, injection orifice, ejector hole magnetic fixed mould plate and magnetic movable mould plate electronic control unit, IP54 electric cabinet, with PLC interface, magnetize/demagnetize button, signal light, remote controller microswitch, magnetic detection sensor, magnetize/demagnetize cable, power supply cable.


Technical Parameters

Power Supply

3 Phase AC380V±10%

Magnetizing Output Time


Thyristor Operating Angle

0~180° Adjustable

Each Output Current


Magnetic Pole Size


Norminal Pulling Force



Working Condition:

1. Ambient Temperature: -10℃一+40℃

2. Relative Humidity: ≤90%(20℃)

3. Environment: there should be no conducting dust, explosive, flammable and corrosive gas in the working place.

4. Input voltage fluctuating range: less than ±10%

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