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The analysis of reason for Strong magnetic chuck remanence problem


Strong magnetic magnetic chuck is rely on the power supply to maintain in order to achieve the ideal suction, when there is no power to maintain, strong magnetic chuck will not be able to work even without any magnetic suction, but some users will appear after the demagnetization will retain part of magnetic force, what reason is this?

Actually work strongly magnetic chuck is not after demagnetization of the residual magnetism, appear the situation of the residual magnetism has several:

1, the machine or the cause of aging, electromagnetic sucker controller intercept voltage does not reach the designated position, shut down after strong magnetic chuck magnetic power through strong magnetic chuck controller components still sending, but current relatively less will lead to strong magnetic chuck has remanence, also there is strong magnetic chuck controller failure phenomenon.

2, the environment problem, generally strong magnetic chuck is used for grinding machine, planer and other machine tool processing above for workbench and fixture effect, such as the field of environment must be very humid, especially grinding machine shop in a tight situation, comparison of air relative humidity will increase, at the same time, the location of the electromagnetic sucker machine controller generally close to the ground or directly exposed to the outside, this case will make strong electro-magnetic chuck the dry degree of the controller is reduced to be affected with damp be affected with damp cause current conductive direct effects on a strong magnetic chuck, lead to strong magnetic chuck has remanence.

Hunan qian hao electrical magnetic chuck can undertake domestic and foreign brands, various specifications, electrical repair and maintenance of permanent magnetic chuck.


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