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System Characteristics of Contactless Control Device


Using intelligent control technology, adopting logical non circulating four quadrant operation of the reversible rectifier control, can control the electromagnet without contact. When in the suction, the equipment is in the rectifying condition. The magnet is magnetizing. When in discharge, equipment is in a reverting condition, sending the electromagnet energy to the power grid. Thus the device discharges quickly, energy saving, it can reduce the heating of the equipment.


With its own intellectual property rights in the four quadrant logical control circuit board, the circuit board signal acquisition, process control and trigger pulse generation in one, then the system reliability is ensured.


Adopting the German Simon Kang power semiconductor non-contact control technology, when electromagnet in suction or discharge process, contactless control suppliers power to the electromagnet.


Completely solve the contact with an electromagnet suction, discharge operation frequent action caused by fault, The problem of poor reliability, reduce the failure rate of the system, improve the service life.


Equipped with nanometer material into high pressure sensitive resistor. In the suction condition when fault happens, it can effectively absorb electromagnet generates high pressure energy.


To implement four quadrant automatic circulation switching operation. A quadrant: positive excitation (fast magnetic). Two quadrant: Rapid magnetic loss(i.e., active inverter). Three Quadrant: reverse degaussing (rapid reverse magnetic), Four quadrant: rapid loss of magneting (i.e. reverse active inverter).


The non loop can be controlled, to ensure reliable operation of the system.


In the forward excitation (A quadrant working condition). In connection with power grid blackout or excitation system failure, emergency power will automatically input, at the same time alarm signals, the response time is less than 100mS.


The use of advanced control technique, Discharge time, The electromagnet storage energy back to the power grid, Does not produce hypertension.


Adopting the complete detection, alarm function as a surveillance system, the operator can oversees overall system. The unexpected events can be prevented.


Using full digital control mode, work parameters can be computerized. It can flexibly set the strong excitation time, output voltage.


The system has high integration, small body, strong anti-interference capability, simple operation system and can be easily maintained.


In order to ensure the reliability of the system, the cabinet components are equipped with demostic and international well-known brands, using low-voltage electrical products and LS products.

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