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The process of qian hao magnetic chuck


Magnetic chuck by pan, iron core, coil, panels, junction box. Magnetic chuck is a magnetic worktable surface grinding machine and milling machine, used for adsorption of permeability artifacts, positioning and grinding of implementation artifacts. Qian hao electromechanical electromagnetic sucker suction is stable, accurate positioning, convenient operation, can be directly installed on the surface grinding machine and milling machine is used, is an ideal magnetic jig. So how are the ideal magnetic jig made of? Qian hao electromechanical small make up roughly divided the process into the following five points:
1. Choose the appropriate materials for welding or casting pan
2. Install the core according to the different types of suction cups on the pan
3. The coil number of turns and technical parameters of the coil, set on the iron core after drying
4, pan inside pouring asphalt or other waterproof materials
Part 5, panel, and pan installed together
Magnetic chuck with dc power supply, stable, strong suction, low residual magnetism, etc.
Magnetic chuck according to different classification can be divided into ordinary suction chuck and strong chuck. Ordinary suction chuck suction 10-12 kilograms per square centimeter, strong magnetic chuck is not lower than 15 kg per square centimeter. According to the purpose can be divided into grinding machine with magnetic chuck, milling planer with magnetic chuck, sharpen the mechanical and electrical magnetic chuck, etc.

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