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Magnetic mold clamping systems designed specifically for the high temperatures of rubber injection m


Magnetic mold clamping systems are available from Hunan Qianhao Electrical and Mechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd, designed specifically for the high temperatures of rubber injection molding machines and duroplastics processing. It is the only system of its kind that can be used in rubber molding for more high temperatures as a special.
The long pole technology uses double magnets to provide up to 20% more clamping force. The magnetic systems offer quick change of different size molds in a one minute changeover. The new system is more efficiently, Save the cost,Higher temperatures are available as a special order. In addition,it also is available for lower temperature plastic injection molding machines.
Electrical power is required for only two seconds to unclamp. Permanent magnets mean clamp capacity is not affected by any power loss. An intelligent safety system is utilized, with light signals to provide additional safety features.
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