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NEW Honeycomb magnetic plate on injection machine


Brief Introduction about Electro-Permanent quick mold change system

1.Application industry
The permanent magnet quick change mold system(magnetic plate) is used to fix the mold on the injection molding machine.

2.Brief Introduction about Magnetic plate
Magnetic Template for Injection molding machine is designed for the traditional injection molding machine and give solution for long working time on lamping molds, complex operation, and low security. This system uses permanent magnet sucker as fixed template and dynamic template, just by simple actions of magnetization and demagnetization, will fix & change mold, which can indeed change mold in 3 mins. It not only can be installed into the new injection molding machine, as a standard configuration to sell to the terminal customers, but also can modify the existing working injection molding machine. The traditional injection molding machine with magnetic template is improved mold change time to 3 mins but without changing the original structure, it is practical and convenient.

3.Main Features of magnetic plate

1)Easy Installation
No need to change the appearance and structure of injection molding machine, no need punch, just fix the template by bolts in the rear panel threaded hole or T-slot of the injection molding machine.

2) High Safety
Quick mold change system(magnetic template) only need very short time for magnetization and demagnetization actions during change mold process, no need power supply during working. Magnet is strong and continuously when power off,which does not disappear or loss by time and temperature factors. It is economic and safe.

3)High Efficiency
Use quick mold change system( magnetic template) can greatly improve the mold change efficiency, reduce the mold change time. Generally the mold change and mold clamping only 3 mins, large mold change only needs 10 mins or so.

4)Save Space
Magnetic template thickness is about 37-50mm, space is small. The permanent magnet quick mold change system does not use platens and other pneumatic and hydraulic components,save more space and make all the peripherals of the mold in the injection molding machine are easy for maintenance and operation.

5) Easy Operation
Any non-professional staff only need 1 minute training can be skilled operation. 1 normal mold installation worker, no need any special skills, can stand outside the injection molding machine to replace the mold.

6) Economical and Practical
Electric power is only used to fix and release clamping, once the mold is safely held to the correct position, will no longer to use the power. Magnetic chuck application temperature up to 150°C, machine weight up to 5000t.Magnet is strong and continuously when power off,which does not disappear or loss by time and temperature factors. It is economic and safe.

Each set inclue:

Components  /QTY

fixed template and dynamic magnetic template

1 set each template

Main Control cabinet


Remote controller


Wire cable


Fixing bolts


User  Manual



Technical Parameters:

SEQ Description Cellulaar Type Ordinary Type
1 Power Voltage AC380V 50Hz
2 Magneticization time 0.5s~3s
3 Magnetic template thickness 37mm 50mm
4 Magnetic field penetration depth ≤25mm
5 Proximity sensor distance 0~0.2mm
6 Contact surface temperature ≤120ºC
7 Pole size 70mmx70mm Hexagon 50x50mm
8 Magnetic force of unit area 16kg/cm²

Magnetic Template Operation Process
1.Position the mold into the injection molding machine
2.Move the mold to fixing template side, alignment positioning ring
3.Injection mold machine combine mold
4.Power on and charge magnetization for dynamic and fixing template
5.Remove the bracket, injection molding machine work.

The comparision of our new honeycomb magnetic plate and ordinary magnetic plate :


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