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Lifting electric permanent magnets in the shipbuilding industry and ocean engineering applications


In recent years, the high performance steel in shipbuilding engineering application in the development of large, steel strength, weldability, toughness, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and so on have made great progress, in the field of high technology of ship and ocean engineering has a broad application prospect. Among them, the main steel include corrosion of steel, EH47 high strength steel, Yin tile steel and steel rack components. Regardless of the nature of the steel, shape, weight, need appropriate lifting tool. For now, the lifting permanent magnets in the applications are in the field of ship and ocean engineering
A wide range of applications. Most companies use the magnetic sling on the specifications and materials are slightly different, lifting the way also is different, is based on the shape, specifications, the weight of steel. According to the way to choose the appropriate magnetic lifting sling, lifting electric permanent magnets has a very considerable development prospects. Qian hao electrical and mechanical professional enrichment of magnetic sling equipment research and development production, in mechanical manufacturing, heavy industry and other fields have a very successful case, below just sling mode for different specifications.

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