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The rapid development of auto industry rapid relief of the grinding machine electmagnet chuck market


Recently, the ministry's official website announced in March, the development of auto industry in our country, China's auto production in March 2.0852 million, sold more than 2.0351 million vehicles, production and sales grew more than 50%. The rapid development of the auto industry is bound to take its upstream and downstream industry development. Concerned expert points out, the car industry increased by 1%, can drive the upstream and downstream production increase 17%, visible driving effect on surrounding the car industry is very obvious, is closely associated with car industry grinding machine industry will also increase.

For surface grinding machine is commonly used in automobile industry machine tool, in addition, there are used in machining crankshaft crankshaft polishing machine, CNC crankshaft grinder and the camshaft is mainly the camshaft grinding machine processing equipment, connecting rod machining mostly adopt two-sided grinder, the grinder will along with the development of the automobile industry has become popular.

, according to the requirements of grinding machine machining tools is also high to the requirement of machine tool accessories, surface grinding machine chuck used more widely, for different size of grinding machine, the different machining, using sucker specifications are different; According to the environment, the technological process, the rules for use of the machine is good for you to have certain understanding to choose the appropriate power permanent-magnetic chuck.

Hunan Qianhao Electrical and Mechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd is engaged in the lifting magnet, strong magnetic sucker and other kinds of magnetic products, is now vigorously promote electric permanent-magnetic chuck series product design is very suitable for surface grinding machine process. Not only is the automotive industry, other machinery industry can use our electric control permanent magnet products. Compared with traditional permanent-magnetic chuck and magnetic chuck, the safety of the electricity permanent-magnetic chuck, energy saving is a traditional chuck can't replace.

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