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glass special fixture of permanent magnet


Hunan Qianhao Electricl and Mechanica Technology Development Co., Ltd  researched and developmented the glass special fixture of permanent magnet, the platen by electric permanent-magnetic chuck (magnetic conductivity) of suction to glass, aluminum or plastic and non magnetic conductivity indirectly fixed clamping workpiece on the suction cups, perfectly solved the non magnetic conductivity such as glass, aluminum or plastic workpiece clamping problems.

Glass processing special electric permanent-magnetic chuck application: tablet touch screen glass, mobile phones touch screen glass, the main lens, camera, take mirror, glass buttons, MP3 / MP4 primary mirror

The advantages of glass processing special electric permanent-magnetic chuck:

1.Improve the processing efficiency, with fixed magnetic pad fixture use, can achieve more pieces of processing;

2.3 ~ 4 times than the vacuum suction cups to ascend;

3. No vacuum pump, also only used in filling, demagnetization instant power;

4. Reliable, strong holding force, no thermal deformation;

5. The whole piece of steel processing, with good rigidity and stability.


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