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how to choose the permanent-magnetic chuck for you?


Many clients because of processing demand to buy electric permanent-magnetic chuck, but don't understand the method of choose and buy, not afraid to buy unqualified is worried about the quality of the products without the guarantee of quality, lead to some users feel upset. Below, magnetic hill, after years of experience in research and development power permanent-magnetic chuck, tell some users how to choose and buy electric permanent-magnetic chuck.

First, look at how the size of the cutting force electric permanent-magnetic chuck. In general, electric cutting force of permanent-magnetic chuck has something to do with electric permanent magnet sucker suction. Good electrical permanent-magnetic chuck, the greater its suction. On the other hand, is never a good electric permanent-magnetic chuck. Electrical discharge machining in smaller to suction requirement, choose X11, X41 commonly can.

Second, look at how the size of the workpiece and electric permanent-magnetic chuck interface. In general, the size of the workpiece by electrically permanent-magnetic chuck force is proportional to the contact area. On the other hand, the workpiece by suction.

Third, flatness and roughness on the surface of the workpiece is influenced by different quality electric permanent-magnetic chuck. Because of the air permeability, therefore the workpiece and electrical permanent-magnetic chuck face has enormous influence on the air gap between the suction; A sharp drop in the air gap increases slightly, the suction. Flatness and roughness on the surface of the workpiece size directly determine the workpiece surface and the size of the air gap between sucker face, so a great influence on the suction. The rough surface of workpiece should choose suction larger suction cups.

Fourth, the precision of the workpiece requirements for electric permanent-magnetic chuck. Electric permanent-magnetic chuck in the coil produces heat in the process of work, under the effect of the heat of the suction cup deformation, thermal deformation generally below 0.03 mm. Therefore, the high accuracy when the workpiece is unfavorable use electricity permanent-magnetic chuck, and should choose permanent-magnetic chuck, permanent magnetic chuck.

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